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Default Re: CDI inside

I'm very successfully runnin' Norm's off of nothing but the white wire, both head and taillight actually - but it's true there's not much left over for anything else like blinkers or w/e.

When the RPM is low, like idling at a stoplight - it does stagger a bit and could stall. This is just 'cause there's almost no output at all from the mag at that speed. Once I'm actually riding, even really slowly there's no difference I can feel, or my GPS for that matter lol

*shrug* When I first installed them, flippin' the light switch killed the motor dead, but I just took the plug gap in a tuck (as per Norm's instructions) and it's all good. I was runnin' a really large gap to begin with tho lol

xlite - I'm curious as to why you would think this a "mistake"? It's true it's not a lighting coil, but I see no potential for damage.
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