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Default Re: how i made an extended front motor mount

ZOMFG bairdco - it's a chunk of handlebar! It's gonna bend

Seriously tho, as usual you've come up with a great solution with some stuff ya just had kickin' about - lookin' good man!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
...Ya just gotta do sumpin' with that shiney motor. Maybe go to a gun shop and pick up some antiquing material for steel. They call it 'Browning' not the brand name but for what it does to gun metal...

oic... ya give this awesome tip to bairdco and here I've been wonderin' how in heck I'm gonna "age" my motor *shakes fist* i r stealin' it trufax Hmm... now that ya got me actually thinkin' - I wonder how that fake gun bluing stuff would look o.O I will hafta experiment, thanks Tom
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