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Default Re: King's motor ripoff

OK, guys, I just got my engine from Gasbike and I do not know what to think. I ordered the Black Stallion 80cc Slant Fire Head. But I got the Skyhawk GT5 66/80cc Black Slant Fire Head. So, I called them up and the lady said that the one I got was an upgrade (more exspensive) from the Black Stallion and that they always do that... WAIT, WHAT? If they always do that than it is impossible to actually get the Black Stallion from them. But, I guess I should not complain because I got an upgraded carb, an E3 looking spark plug and a bunch of extra parts that do not come with the notorious "Black Stallion". So, what do you think? Did that lady just feed me a load of crap, or did I really get a good deal? BTW, I got the engine on Black Friday when all 2 Strokes were $99.
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