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Default Coaster Brake

The other day i was going to the gym. But I decided to take a ride around the hood first, pedaling of course. After a couple minutes, the coaster brake began sticking. So, i get under a street light for inspection. Somehow the darn thing loosened. I checked it out before i left. My wheel nut stripped off somehow and the wheel was only half on. So its at the local bmx shop getting the hub rebuilt.

I'm just glad that i wasn't running the motor, because if it would've failed then i probably would have been injured.

Moral. Constantly inspect your bikes and make sure all the bolts are tight and secure. Preventative maintenance is key to your safety.

Also, I took off the chain guide and the bike makes so much less noise and seems a bit more responsive, guess i got lucky with the sprockets lining up.

Happy Riding!

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