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Default how i made an extended front motor mount

on a lot of cruiser frames, the front mount needs to be extended, and i've been trying to figure out a cheap, simple way to do it, and i did.

(caution! the use of a seatpost is involved. )

the pics pretty much explain it all. the first one was my first, lousy idea that i rigged up just so i could get the rest of the bike put together. the studs were bending before i even had the bike together. if i woulda left it like this, there'd be a motor by the side of the road somewhere.

so, here's what i made with basic hand tools.

the materials are:

(picture 2)
regular motor mount and bracket

old seatpost

3/8 stainless allthread, 2 nuts, and a lockwasher

2 "large frame adapters" (if you don't have two of these, any piece of steel will work, but you gotta do some more cutting and drilling.)


first, drill out the center hole in the adapter plates so the 3/8 allthread fits.

(pic 4)

grind out enough room in the stock motor mount so the nut fits. ( note: a lock washer and nut won't fit inside, so it's just getting a nut.) be careful, these mounts grind easy. you don't want to take out anymore than you need.

measure how long you need to make yours, and then measure it again. if you get two different measurements, measure again...

see next post...
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