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Originally Posted by J. Dyer (Pennsylvania, USA) Amazon
I bought the motorkote on 4/26 & put in 10 oz. around 5/10/07

The avg mpg for all fill ups since new:
5/3/07-26.88; 5/8/07-24.53; 5/13/07-24.33; 5/18/07-25.44; 5/23/07-25.55--this tank was an ethanol blend. Driving was all about the same i.e 60% highway.

I cannot say anything about how well it protects the engine but
I have seen no benefits in mileage.

Something really important would have to happen to convince me I should use this product forever. Hope I didn't ruin the engine but then, I did get the extended warranty
Originally Posted by By J. Lok (Amazon)
MotorKote does not work, April 5, 2007

After reading such positive reviews, I placed the order for a 32oz bottle and applied to 2 of my cars: a 1998 Volvo and a 1994 Nissan Quest about 3-4 weeks ago. I added to the motor oil as well as transmission as indicated.

There was no changes to the performance or fuel savings, it was completely innefective.

The good news is that it didn't damage the cars.
Human beings are funny with things like this. I remember when my buddy called to tell me he was getting 250% better mileage with "Fuel Master" magnets zip tied to each side of the gas line on his Caravan. It "rearranges" the atoms in gas molecules for more efficiency. Only $39.95/set. On the next trip to Albany we actually measured LESS mileage than the same trip a week before. He also swears by additives but real world testing, at best, always shows no change.

I can't tell you how many guys I did bikes for pull into my driveway bragging about some upgrade (race carb, hi octane gas, synth oil, porting, hole drilled in carb, the list goes on). Needless to say reality comes a-callin' on "dyno hill".

I'm not saying it can't happen but would characterize it as unlikely based on previous experience.

The human mind is a funny thing. Sometimes outright hilarious.
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