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Default Re: Better with idle screw completelt taken out?

over all much better! before I took the screw out my plug was black after I removed it my plug was a light gray. I'm running the opti 2 oil. Everyone says your suppose to run it 100:1 but if you buy it in the little packs it mixes up about 80:1 ( i think) the little packs are 1.8 ounces. 128 onces in a gallon / 1.8 ounces of oil = ?????????? maybe its too rich?

I just found this searcking the web. its someone talking about opti-2 ....... "I've used it at 100:1 in old Q-35's, Zenoah 23/62 and Brison 2.4 mostly right from the start. Rightly, they take a bit longer to get truly run in, but I'm not in a race.

Also note that the packaging can be a bit confusing. It says one package for one gallon or 5 litres of gasoline. The one pkge to 5 litres will give exactly 100:1 which is what the oil is designed to run at. Using it in one U.S. gallon gives a much higher concentration of oil.

I guess we just might have the a conclusion here folks! LOL! Oh, toker here may be a little "richy"

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