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Default Re: how to make a cheap layback seatpost.

no problem, tom.

for you other guys, get an extra pair of handlebars, put all your weight on them, and see if you can bend them. if you can, congratulations.

now, look at the handlebars on your bike. OH MY GOD! they have bends in them! the same kind of bends that bairdco's seatpost has!

i guess you better get some solid steel handlebars, or else i wouldn't put any weight on them...

hey, aren't you some of the same guys who drill holes in a load bearing frame tube to mount a chain tensioner?

besides all this foolishness, if you make my seatpost really long, yes, it'll probably bend. especially if you keep all your weight on the seat and do curb drops, or driveway lump jumps.

if it extends back 3 or 4 inches like mine does, and you use your body to absorb the bumps (like you should,) then you shouldn't have any problems.

and you have a nice, curved stylish, basically free seatpost.

and if you weigh 500 pounds, maybe a motorized bicycle isn't the thing for you.

(disclaimer: bairdco industries assumes no responsibility for busted butts, split tails, asphalt enemas, spoke pokes, hub rubs, rim roids, or cracked cracks. use at your own risk.)

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