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How Much Do I Use

Typical Hyper Lubricant/Engine Treatment Applications

2 Ounces per quart of oil in the crankcase
Typical big rigs add 88 ounces. Add 3 ounces per quart of oil in heavy duty or racing applications.
1 ounce per quart of fluid in automatic or manual transmissions.
1 Ounce per quart of gear lube.
Power Steering
1 Ounce per quart of fluid.
Transfer Case
2 to 4 Ounces per vehicle.
Drive Shafts
1 Ounce for chains, apply lightly or soak.
1 ounce per tube (Typical tube is 14oz.). Add 32 ounces in 55 gal. keg
1 Ounce per quart of fluid.
Small Oil Injected Engines
4 Ounces in the oil side.
Liquid Cooled
1 Ounce per quart of oil.
Four Stroke
Air cooled, 2 Ounces per Qt.
Two Stroke
2 Ounces per gallon after pre-mixing with 2 stroke oil.
Engines with By-Pass Filtration
Initial treatment: add 2 ounces per quart of total oil volume. (1 Gallon)
Replenish when changing filters with 1 quart of Hyper Lubricant.
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