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Heres some questions and answers from their web expensive as this stuff is you would see negative reports on it if you googled it I haven't seen one yet.

Q: How does MOTORKOTE Hyper Lubricant work?
A: MOTORKOTE bonds to metal, creating a HYPER LUBRICATING metal-to-metal contact. This reduces friction, heat and engine wear.

* Horsepower increases of 10% are common within 1 month of use.
* Gas mileage may increase 5-15% during this same period.
* Damage from cold starts is significantly reduced.

Q: Why doesn't MOTORKOTE Hyper Lubricant void my warranty like some oil additives?
A: Unlike Lucas Oil, Prolong, and Slick 50, MOTORKOTE doesn’t mix with oil. This means that oil viscosity, antifoaming, and other oil properties are not affected. MOTORKOTE is Safe and Effective.
Q: How do I use MOTORKOTE Hyper Lubricant?
A: MOTORKOTE should be used in all gasoline and diesel engines. Pour using the diagram below.
Engine The Pour When
4 cylinder 8 ounces Every 4th Oil change
6 cylinder 12 ounces Every 4th Oil change
8 cylinder and up 16 ounces Every 4th Oil change
Q: When can I use MOTORKOTE Hyper Lubricant?
A: The best time to use MOTORKOTE is with your next oil change, but you can add anytime.
Q: Why is MOTORKOTE Hyper Lubricant more expensive than some other additives?
A: Mostly because it’s better. It also doesn’t need to be added as often.
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