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Well I finally found a source for this stuff with free shipping $26 a it in today and man is that engine quieter! Sounds like a quiet scooter now! I pulled the spark plug and squirted a little bit in there and rocked the bike back and forth then put the plug back in put a little on the chain and in the tank and went to wal mart. This stuff works if nothing else it made the weedeater sound go away I wasn't sure the thing had started at first! MotorKote MK-HL32-06 32oz Hyper Lubricant: Automotive

I wouldn't recommend this stuff in your engine till it's been broke in. Chains, gears, cables and bearings yes.

This is from their add:
Product Features

* MOTORKOTE is a pure synthetic engine additive concentrate containing no solids, moly, teflon, or graphite
* MK is formulated for heavy-duty use in gas or diesel hard working engines and other mechanical devices
* It molecularly coats metal surfaces with added lubrication protection reducing friction, heat and wear on critical moving parts

This stuff is not to replace the oil you mix with the fuel it coats and bonds to the metal...when you add this stuff to a car engine the oil level does not go up after running the prevents dry starts it lasts thru 2 oil changes in a big truck (that's minimum 30,000 miles folks)
I will not be adding any more of this stuff to my engine for quite some time I am sure. I might have spent $5 to treat the whole bike, engine, bearings, cables and chains.

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