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Default Re: Wheel Balance

Thank you Bairdo and BarlyAwake you replies prompted me to go and spin a wheel from my high end bike, and I am very happy to report that the valve ended up in a different place each time I spun it and NOT on the bottom. It seems that the valve is not heavy enough to upset the balance - must have something to do with the valve hole in the rim that compensates for added valve weight. If your bearings are good, your axle is straight, your hub races and cones are not worn unevenly, your wheel is straight and true then you need not worry about balancing it, but if you want to put something on your spokes, go ahead and do it.

P.S. Congratulations BarleyAwake on your advancement to moderator and that is a beatifull job you did of rebuilding your bike after buddy mangled it.
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