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Default Re: where can I get a 26" 3 speed wheel?

Originally Posted by Kevron99 View Post

A 3 speed hub good enough for a jack shaft? or should it be more than 3 speed to fully utilized the jack shaft kit.
Just asking

I built and sold a bike w/ a shift kit and 3 speed hub and built one with a shift kit and 7 speed derailer. In my humble opinion, any more gears than 3 is more than you'll need, owever, a rear wheel w/ derailer is much less expensive and easier to come by than a 3 speed hub.

Oh, and btw, the bike I built had a 3 speed Shimano Nexus hub. The hub didn't last a week before it turned to mush. If the Sram I-motion 3-speed hub is as good as people here have said, and you can afford it, I'd go with that!

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