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Default Re: Good source of gasket material

Usually i lay it on glass and rub it out with a plastic pen.
Yes i have some mics.
Ill measure the thickness and let you know.

It is very thin.
About as thick as pop can.

If it gets rough ill rub the edges on some sandpaper.

Not real sure about using it for the base Jug Gasket.

I think mine gives out after a couple of weeks.
Then my motor just quits running.
Goes from cruising along great to dead in the blink of an eye.

It has to be either my base gasket or my carb starving the engine of fuel.

Happend again yesterday.
I ended up peddeling 5 miles home.
Changed the gaskets and cleaned the carb.
Started but didnt want to run.
Warmed it up good at a stop.

Shut it down decided to go get more carb cleaner 30 min later.

Hopped on the bike and it took off like you wouldn't believe.
I figure once i got it warmed up everything expanded and created a better seal in the new gaskets.
After it cooled off i tightened up the head a little bit.
Rode it to work this morning and it ran great.

I really think if the base gasket leaks bad the motor acts like there is no spark.
Must be leaking at one of the transfer ports cause when it happens i dont seem to get much fuel in the cylinder even though the crankcase is good and wet.
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