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Sorry Blakenstein, but that may not be 100% accurate - while it's good advice to be sure, just being true doesn't equate to being balanced as well. "Defects" in the rim like the butted joint on a steel rim and density variations in alloy ones (cheaper ones in particular) and the much more common density variations in the tire itself all add up, not to mention just the valve stem itself - almost always what ends up on the bottom of a free spinning wheel, showing that even it's minuscule weight has an effect (if it doesn't - check yer bearings). The only problem is the "heavy side" may not show just from hand-spinning the wheel what with grease density and resistance (in particular with a just-trued rim as odds are it's got nice, new, thick grease in the bearings too), if you could hook it up to a balancing machine and spin it up to speed - it'd tell a whole different story

Granted - this I got from balancing performance motorcycle rims, but the theory is the same. If there's enough of an effect to bother balancing a nicely trued bicycle rim at the limited speeds we use them at... *shrug* I have no idea lol, I don't think so... but it just may reduce some vibration, always the "Holy Grail" of the motorized bicycle enthusiast On a motorcycle it's simply a safety issue as an out of balance rim can contribute to the dreaded "tank slapper" high speed wobble - I don't see that happening with motorized bicycles tho... if it did - I'd be screwed lol, I've always got big old clumps of mud on my mountain bike rims heh

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