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Default Re: Service!

Originally Posted by speedster239 View Post
Thanks guys!
It should be here on Thursday. I won't be able to sleep that night, but I'm hoping to get it on Friday and go for a nice ride this weekend. It's not much of a project if you're a grease monkey, right?
Howdy Vaughan. LOL, is tuff to sleep waiting on them. They really aren't 2 hard build. If I may be so bold as to suggest taking your time though. Really is half the fun.

A few years back, had to wait 2 weeks on my first kit, also from Dax. He is awesome to do business with and a wealth of know-how! "Kid at Christmas" syndrome big time. When I opened that box about hugged the thing. The first time she lights off, is a high. .

Post lots of pics!
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