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Default Re: A newbie in SF Bay Area

Originally Posted by z2400969 View Post
I'm new to the forum and I have been fight with my motorized bicycle for about a month now, but this afternoon I went to Pipelyne and met Dean. I spent some time soothing the breeze and walked out with one of their tuned pipes. All I can say is wow. Dean even showed me the full suspension with a morini they are working on. What a piece of art. He told me he could shave some off my head for more compression, but I already have a slant head. I'm going to take it to him anyways and see what he can do. You guys here are the best.
I saw you there. I was the guy behind the counter messing around on the computer today. The black bike in the back of the shop is mine and Dean's is the beaten orange war horse. That thing has been taken to the extremes and it runs amazing better than the first day it was built. Did you get a chance to ride the full suspension bike?
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