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Default Re: King's motor ripoff

Originally Posted by AussieSteve View Post
More on , (Kings) and others - I've heard lots about their leaky tanks, (in particular the 4L version).
2/3 that I've heard of leak at the mounting bolts. Poor support again - as far as I know they've still done nothing to rectify the problem, after 2-3 weeks.
I almost ordered one last week, but thanks to warnings from others elsewhere, decided against it and bought a 3L tank from dax instead. (And I really wanted a 4L tank.)
At least Duane at dax provides decent support.
For all other parts, I'll deal mainly with Rock Solid Engines in future.
Bought my engine kit from ZBox, but they don't impress me much either. Got a dud tensioner roller a couple of weeks ago. Warren did replace it, but was slow, almost rude, no 'sorry' or anything and, in my opinion, he should have refunded my return postage for his error. The roller had a major casting flaw on the surface the chain rolls on leaving a large flat-spot almost right through to the bearing. You couldn't miss it. I reckon if he's too slack to even glance at the things he sends, he should bear the cost, not us.
... Steve

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
umm... Most (if not all) the "peanut" style tanks are identical in their mounting and the method in which the studs are welded to the tank - regardless of which dealer ya get them from. The dealers don't manufacture them so there's little difference, it's mostly random chance. It's the service (or lack thereof) that would be a different story, particularly if you got one with bent studs.

It is a silly design, that's true - a lil bit of backing plate would go a long way.
Originally Posted by AussieSteve View Post
umm... ??
You say most. Not all? Do some checking on the 4L tanks. They are worse than others. I checked all the usual suppliers for 4L tanks and only have them. A post (on another site - didn't want to say it,) got replies suggesting that:-
1. I don't buy a 4L tank from them
2. I don't deal with due to their poor service.

One buyer out of three said that he didn't have a leak.

Also, I did especially mention the lack of service.

Please don't umm... me, more manners please, especially from a moderator.

... Steve

A: I wasn't referring to just the 4L tanks, your post had some ambiguity regarding that, but it looks as if you weren't either.

B: My post wasn't specifically directed at you, I was simply reminding folks that the primary difference in dealers is the service as most do not manufacture parts themselves.

C: I see absolutely nothing wrong with the "tone" of my post or any lack of "manners" - however, if for some reason you wish to reprimand myself or others kindly show some yourself and inquire via PM.
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