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Default Re: Flower Nut Vs Stanchion Collar

Well... I know a lot more about the HT clutch now. Pablos comment to skip the stanchion collar was good advice. Wish I had followed it. Had no effect on clutch slippage, could not start the engine no matter how many turns or what direction.. Two things actually solve the problem:

1. Contrary to suggestions on this forum do NOT leave out the small spring in that clutch cable. With my spring back on I could at least start the bike.

2. Flower nut determines how much the clutch pads "bite". Tightening that resulted in perfect engagement.

Now I have a good understanding of relationship between flower nut, stanchion collar, and cable stop. Even though it was running fine I decided to trim, sand down, and clean the surface of those pads. A liittle wash in 90% isopropyl to be safe. The biggest problem with these seems to be "mushrooming" of the faces which prevents contact. I now see why they have to be free floating in that holder.

PS adjusting the stanchion collar is NOT as easy as flower nut adjusting. You not only have to take off the carb but also remove the clutch cable and readjust when putting back on. 30 minutes vs 3 minutes.
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