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Default Re: Helmets and other marital aids

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
I wonder if he got the helmet? Could it be that helmet is like the movie "The Mask"? Put the helmet on and the festivities being?
Gee Look at my avatar????!!!! smarting off about helmets.......(lord I apologize)...amen.
Man Norman, just saw a bike helmet modded with a Darth Halloween mask. Was really cool. Will look for it.

Found it!

Originally Posted by darrick View Post
The ebay helms are crazy nice

I just bought a black Full motorcycle helmet for a little project I plan on doing soon-
YouTube - Darth Vader Star Wars CUSTOM Motorcycle Helmet THAI PHAN
also plan on making an Optimus Prime helmet

Though drilling holes through the brain bowls makes them slightly less effective for safety.

But for everyday use I think a motocross helmet looks pretty nice with some sunglasses.
LOL, you gotta make one. 2 funny. (Some cool ones in the related vids on the right too)
worst apocalypse ever
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