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Default Re: Flower Nut Vs Stanchion Collar

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
So it appears the flower nut has nothing to do with getting the clutch to "bite" more?
Kinda sorta. You still have to have it dialed in, but if the range isn't correct, you'll need a new approach. What I recommend, BEFORE pulling the stanchion, is pull all the clutch pads and:

1) Make sure the back side clutch plate is oil/grease's important that this sandwich be clean and get a really good bite. People tend to ignore or not understand how the whole sandwich works.

2) Then sand the corners and edges of the pads so they float freely in the clutch gear hub.

3). Lightly scuff both friction faces of the pads (and clutch faces) and clean them up to make a perfect sandwich.

Reassemble. Adjust with the flower nut. It should perform like a champ. If it still slips after messing with the flower nut, OR it does not fully disengage yet grip is good (after adjusting flower nut) - then maybe you will need to find out why your clutch throw is not satisfactory. If you dial that it, and it's still not correct - adjust the countershaft gland nut as outlined above.
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