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Default Re: Flower Nut Vs Stanchion Collar

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
I actually tightened it as far as it wanted to go without feeling like I was gonna screw up the teeth on the chain sprocket. Lever wasn't really much harder to pull where I have it. Clutch pads were full of oil too when I got it. Guess the guy tried lubing the ball bearings in there. Also found the shaft key for the crankshaft pinion gear inside the clutch...don't ya hate it when parts disappear from your workbench!

Getting new clutch pads today.
Thanks. I've swapped out a half dozen of these clutch assemblies but never took one apart or even looked closely at one. Mine's slipping big time now. What's involved with changing the pads? Do I have to worry about 300 balls rolling out onto the floor?
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