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Default Re: dynohub chargeing a battery

No, the rectifier doesn't get hot at all. I don't know about gluing it to the battery; if the
"glue" would damage it in any way. Zip ties are my friend! Besides if it were to go kaboom
its easier to replace. The pic of the generator you show is exactly the ones I've used. Definately
try to mount it so it rolls on the tread area and not the sidewall as it will grind the sidewall down.
Or you could sand/file down the ridges on the spindle somewhat so they aren't as aggressive. Another
option would be to dip it in that Plasti-Dip stuff used on tool handles. That would smooth it out but
may then cause slippage.
...I'm not saying we should just kill all the stupid people. Just do away with warning labels and let things sort themselves out.
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