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Default New jackshaft update.

Ok, here we go. Got my jackshaft in the mail yesterday (as always super fast shipping). I always thought if I could just figure out how to build the front freewheel crank system it would be easy to fabricate the rest of the jackshaft.Boy, was I stupid! There is alot of time and research that went into this little set-up.I'm sure it could be fabricated, but not for $179.00. The kit is top quality! Installation is kinda like the first engine kit you ever put together. The second time would be 100 times easier. My wife laughted when she saw me print out the 21 page installation guild, cause I never read instructions.LOL. I just read step by step and it all worked out great. I had a couple of problems, but I got it. One was getting the jackshaft to crank chain on. and the other is mounting the rear mount. They state in the istallation that its a little complicated. May need a few better pictures. It took me about four hours to complete. I was watching the Alabama & Auburn game at the same time in my shop (great game by the way...Auburn almost upset the #2 team). Anyways, cranking it was weird. You start pedaling and let out the clutch and then push real hard on the pedals and away I went. I have the expansion chamber on my bike. I learned after its warm you can pick up the rear tire by the seat and crank it with one turn of the pedals. Awsome! I also, ordered the rear freewheel with the mega drive. Once it cranked I went right up the hill in front of my house like I was in granny gear. It was cool.Once on flat ground I shifted.Now shifting takes a little getting use to. There is a little delay in shifting, but I'm sure I'll figure that out in no time. It worked perfect! The coolest thing since peanut butter! So, I went up and down the street a couple of times and rolled back up in the driveway and put it in granny gear and went up a steep grass hill in my yard and about 3/4 the way my chain came off the rear freewheel. LOL! So, i cranked it up in the shop, hung it up and with the motor running readjusted my derailler. It's cool that you can adjust your derailler using the motor. Half time was over so, I decided I would go ride after the game. Well, after the game it was dark and cold,LOL! So, its 5:00 am the next morning and as soon as the sun gets up I'm out to see what this baby will do! One last thing that was cool about the set-up is no more left chain and sprocket and tensioner.Heck, no tensioner is worth $179.00.LOL! Also, if a person wanted to stay in one gear you could. Me, I'm the shifting type! I'll give more updates this afternoon and some pictures. Sorry, if I rambled on! Later and thanks sick bike parts... you guys rock!
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