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Default Re: dynohub chargeing a battery

Wow thats really cool. Does the rectifier get hot? Can you glue it to the battery for simpler installation, after you have wired to the leads?

Did the bottle dynamo look like this?

Can you make it roll on the tread of a city slicker tire instead of the sidewall?

Originally Posted by WayneC View Post
You need to convert the AC to DC with one of these.
Full-Wave Bridge Rectifiers for Power Supplies -
It's quite simple. The + and - terminals connect to the Battery + and -. Then the two terminals marked by the ~ get attached to the dynamo. It doesn't matter which because it is AC.
I used this on my 12v,6W bottle dynamo until the bearings went on it. I have a new dyno on order and found this -- TNC Scooters (Scooter Sales and Service) -- to use with it. It regulates for 12V and rectifies the AC to DC in one unit. However, that unit is for 12V. I think the S/A hub is 6V, 3W.
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