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Default Re: How Hard is it to modify the jet?

I ordered a jet with some other things, because it was just a dollar or two thrown in-

I'm very surprised at just how miniscule it is- I've put the kit on and reamed an alloy billet to be installed, and I might ream the ports on the ends, but haven't much fiddled with the carb- I may try to slightly enlarge this andput it on- but in no hurry, and it will have to be wth something very small and very little more opening- i'd like to remove theidlescrew- because it seems to leak gas there- and maybe the slightest little port on the slide would let it idle otherwise, but that's a risk.

The new NTS carb comiong out for the 66 motors claims a slightly larger jet, and justmay wait until I eventually get one of those.
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