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Default Re: Best Kit w/ $150 Budget!

If I had Veniceboy down the road from me, I'd sure give him my business. Wherever you buy you hope to get what you pay for. Part of what you pay for with Vence bikes is that he is nearby, is helpful, speaks English, has parts on hand, is an awesome builder himself and knows these bikes and motors inside out. He'd be my pick if I lived anywhere nearby.
I also hear you on the money thing. I have to buy on line and bought my first kit from Dax with no complaints. I've also now bought four kits from BGF without problems and for me at least good customer support. For $150 you can get a 2 stroke pull start, slant head 80cc with an automatic transmission with shipping for $150.00. I have one on my 63 American with a few hundred miles on it now and I like that motor quite a lot. I'm going to pull it soon to put on a 39 Elgin currently in the works. It is sure nice to be able to come to a stop without putting in the clutch. If you live in the city with much stop and go traffic it is something to think about. But if I lived where you do, I'd still go with Veniceboy.
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