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3w, 4h, 7 or 8L? I did say a MINI-teardrop lol. I've pulled my 3w, 3L, 2h on bike wheels with 120lbs or so of weight in it with no problem (well, kinda grunting since the NoFlat tubes are just not working out for heavy use).

Regardless of which route I take (bike and trailer or custom recumbent), I'll be building it as light as possible, since I'm keeping in mind the fact that I will be peddling it from time to time as well.

The body of the sleeper will be built with basic angle iron framework, and skinned with foam sheet covered on both sides with thin plastic sheet. The floor will be plywood based. I should be able to keep the body of the sleeper under 100 pounds. I'm not planning a lot of other cargo, maybe another 60 pounds or so, not including the battery.

So pretty much it comes down to which route I take, bicycle and trailer or custom recumbent.
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