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Heya folks, I've been looking around different sites to get ideas how to build the travel trailer I'll need for the coming summer trip I want to make. I've settled on something of a mini-teardrop design, and am in the process of designing the frame and body (speaking of drawings, yes, I know I still owe you guys a copy of the houseboat plans I made. I'm trying to find a scanner so I can scan the paper and upload them).

As I was going through the forums at MikenChell Teardrops I came across another website. On this site they sell the plans for different types of bikes.

I kind of like this one AtomicZombie - Loderunner 2 Delta Tandem Trike and am thinking that if I want to build a sleeper, perhaps on the back of a long recumbent trike would be better than on a trailer.

So...thoughts and opinions? What do you guys think? Should I go with bike and trailer, or save money on a bike and go for the pedal RV? Either way will obviously be motorized.

My thoughts on the matter so far:
combined unit will allow me to set up for total comfort, both in riding and the cargo/sleeping area
combined unit would allow me to build with the motor of choice, plus place it where I want it instead of being limited
combined unit makes it easier to keep things from being stolen on the trip I have planned

On the other hand, having a regular motorized bike build with a separate trailer means that if I choose to go to a campground for a couple days I don't need to drag the sleeper along for trips to a store or rides where I go site seeing.

Back to the first hand, a recumbent design would make peddling and motoring the entire shebang easier, especially the peddling part. No trailer whipping around, or bouncing around separately from the bike. Would also make loading it up easier and the weight could be better spread, examples being where the battery sits, where the motor sits, etc.

So, let's hear some thoughts on the matter, and in the mean time I'm still attempting to save up to kick this shindig off.

i'm freakin loony (inventory is always being added!)

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