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Default Re: Flower Nut Vs Stanchion Collar

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
I have a question about HT clutch. What is the relationship between adjusting the collar under the stanchion hole and tightening the flower nut? Do they both effect clutch pad tension the same or unrelated?
Heh, funny you should post this thread at this time. Just had a problem with a used engine I picked up. Clutch was slipping, tightened up the flower nut as tight as I could but the clutch would still slip. Read a post on this forum somewhere about adjusting the primary clutch spring through the stanchion post.

People were having problems with their clutch lever being so tight that they were breaking cables and such. Thought hey, maybe it works in reverse too. So I tightened the primary spring today. Will see tomorrow if the clutch still slips.

So, from what I've gleaned so far, the flower nut will just adjust the throw of your clutch lever on the case (loosen and the lever will be further from the stanchion, tighten and the lever will be closer). Adjusting the primary spring from the stanchion post will change how much pressure your clutch plate will have on the clutch pads.
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