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Default Re: acme motor bikes new bike

Originally Posted by camlifter View Post
we tack it up with a mig then tig weld everything, go over all the frame welds with the tig too. i'm working on some forms so the tank can be laid up in fiberglass.
Beautiful build camlifter.

About fiberglass tanks. Did some research and it seems that fiberglass doesn't hold up well to gasoline, at least without a lining like Creme or a similar product. Seems the fiberglass begins to break down and you end up with a plastic coating in your carb.

I'm going to head out to a plastics factory this week and check out what it takes to make a mold for blow molding plastic tanks. Can't imagine they'd be too expensive to make once a mold is made.

Wondering if anyone else has looked into blow molding or knows anything about it.
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