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Default Re: aluminum sprockets

Originally Posted by rob king View Post
I recently purchased a 40 tooth sprocket made of aluminum and was wondering what kind of expierience others have had with them. Ihave a steel 44 tooth on my bike now. I would think steel would last a lot longer.the only aluminun sproket i have seen was from a friends bike with unkown mileage but it was pretty torn up. What is a good source for steel sprockets?
I have personally seen aluminum spockets wear (hook) after few hundred miles. Those who sell them or don't put many miles on their bike will disagree. They are certainly easier than steel for the custom guys to crank out.

BoyGoFast, Dax, Zoom, and many others sell cheap steel 36t sprockets which is a good size for these bikes. I got a few 36t from BGF last year for $12 ea shipped. Not fancy chromed or dished but they work wonders on these HTs.
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