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Default Re: Low gas mileage!

Originally Posted by AaronF View Post
I am having problems with two of my bikes only getting around 30 miles per 1/2 gallon tank of gas,very odd if you ask me.I weigh approx.150,6'1 height 44T Sprockets on both 26" Bikes.I do run them at full throttle most of the time on the longer roads,it is mainly flat land here in my area.Everything is stock on both MB's besides the aftermarket air filter on one MB.I've checked the spark plugs on both,one of them is half brownish and the other one is just a bit oily/rich..What could be the problem here? Any help,I'd appreciate it!Thanks
You didn't say which of the 3 common tanks sizes you got but that is in the ball park for new HT with middle size tank. With a big tank and leaned out carb you might get 40-45 miles. Then again you can also do what many do: lie. These are usually the same guys who claim 40-50mph speeds on stock engines.
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