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Default Re: Troble shooting cdi and spark plug wire

Originally Posted by Andyinchville1 View Post
Interesting mod Norman!.....I have never seen that you feel performance is
enhanced over a standard plug chop?...


A old boy in Mo. that races chainsaws of all things told me about this and also get this he would knock off all the fins on the flywheel and remove the base gasket. He said the hotter the better and removing the base gasket advanced the port timing and bumped up the compression to seal it you use the anarobic gasket sealer as a gasket. I tried the base gasket thing on a 43cc scooter along with a home made advance key on the flywheel I left the fins on couldn't bring myself to knock those off I also matched all of the ports and cleaned up the inside so slick a fly landing on it would skid off and break its neck.. Every 1 percent emprovement you can do will add up and make a eventual fire breather. Or poorboy rodding
some food for thought
I'm sorry I didn't answer your question does it help over a standard plug chop? Whats that?
If you will notice these are factory china plugs and I've yet to buy a replacement plug. I'm a cheap skate.
You can do the mod to any plug you use if you want.

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