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Default Re: Motorbicycling 6V electrical system?

Originally Posted by chopperjoe View Post
10/4 i ran the switch off the reflector bracket that mounts off the gooseneck, just drilled a hole in it and wala.... picked up switch at menards for 4 bucks, chrome toggle looks and works nice, can reach down after it starts without much searching or bending, will try to download pics. havin trouble. the silver bike in picture is my big boy, 1637cc slightly larger than my grubee 48 cc, 5 yrs. on that build. good talking to ya. gobble gobble
Yes, I had guessed your avatar chopper was at least an 80cc, maybe more. Ha! It's funny how these little poorly made China Girl motors are so much fun, maybe partly because they're so basic and require our getting up close, personal and fooling around to keep them going. It kind of fulfills the 12 year old boy inside us who wanted a motor on his bicycle. You ever put playing cards on the spokes and make believe? I did. Balloons, too, which really made a racket before they blew up.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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