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Default Re: New Poster Interested in 12 volt turn signals

Originally Posted by JayEbiker View Post
I built an electric bike from a kit, and have been using it to commute to work everyday for the past 4 years. My battery box is a converted metal tool box containing 4 12volt sealed lead acid cells that can be switched to provide 24, 36, or 48 volts output, and can be recharges with multiple charges.

I think it would be fun to wire up 12 volt turn signals and a horn. Has anyone ever done this?

I've attached some recycled motorcycle turn signals to the battery box. I found LED bulbs to replace the filament bulbs. I need an LED flasher, and a switch to mount to the handle bars.
Jay, When I did a turn signal system,I used a Peterson switch box {available from JC Whitney} I guess you could use normally open, momentary push button switches mounted in a small project box from Radio Shack, I used a regular can flasher but needed to add 10 ohm power resisters in paralell with right and left leds. easier than building flasher circuit on board. regards Terry
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