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Default Re: Motorbicycling 6V electrical system?

Originally Posted by chopperjoe View Post
hello fellow bikers, im a newbee with motorbikes, but old salt with big 2 wheelers, im running a 6 volt headlamp and a small b taillight off the white wire, put a toggle switch on headlamp an click it on after it fires up. so far i havnt had a problem approx. 50 miles on bike, the small b taillight is always on, a few times i had forgot to shut headlamp off, and the bike still fired up, but i try not to forget, better to get the juice pumpin to the spark. the headlamp is off an old generator setup, along with the b taillight. sure hope this wont damage the mag. any imput on this??? thnx. chopper
Hey, welcome to the forum, Chopperjoe. Lots of good folks here. Regarding the possible damage to the magneto, I'm no expert, but running lights off of it hasn't hurt mine so far. I haven't yet, but intend to put in a switch to shut off the headlight on my bikes. Right now the magneto lights headlight, tail light and brake light (all have been changed over to led lights inside the old housings). But I think you may be right about better starting with more juice to the spark plug. I haven't had a problem, but now with colder weather it might make a difference. Post a photo of your bike when you get a chance.
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