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Default Re: Howdy From Texas

Actually, some of the Chinese Scooters are quite nice. Some are not as good as others, but I have never come across Junk Scooters from China. Not yet and not me personally. But then again, I have only tested and owned 8 of them from Different manufactures. Out of the 8, 6 were exceptional. Awesome actually. The only thing they have come up short on and that I consider poor is the Rubber for the valve stems and some of the trim rubber soft foam type. IT dry rots in 2-3 years. Not a big deal unless you are hauling butt and a valve stem let go from Dry rot. Not a big deal if you replace the Valve stem right away. A hassle when you consider you have to pull your wheels to have it done. The plastics are exceptional, motors are solid, Tires are Kenda which are pretty good. Some electrical connections are crimp when they should be soldiered. Or a better crimp. I only had that problem on one of the scooters anyway. So.. I guess I am nit picking. Over all. They are darn good scooters and motorcycles. My Favorite was the MD250T Tuohe. IT was fast, liquid cooled, Always starts even after a long park in the winter on the back porch. Covered but open. Sub zero temps, yet it would light right up !! Awesom Scooter. It would hit almost 90mph. I put on a UNI filter and yanked the EPA Intake convoluted box. Convolution is putting it mildly. Removing that work of.......ummm... "Art" really helped the power. Wow !! EPA requires them to keep the intake suction noise down. No kidding. Kills the power and mileage but makes the suction of the intake quiet. This was a top notch Scooter , motorcycle. The Rear Shocks were ok. Bouncy. They could be replace with Konis. That would make it near perfect. Front Fairing was sweet. Everything worked as it should. Around 1000 miles so far and has not missed a beat !! The others I have are 150cc and 50cc. My Feeling is that the Chinese Scooters will make a huge impact here in American as soon as the shops that sell them support them with parts and service. That will be and always has been the key.

okok.. I am long on wind with the Chinese scooter thing. Forgive me. As for the Bicycle engine kits. Now.. When it comes to the kits, I have come across some Junk. The engines some factories sent me I threw into the trash. That is what I mean by junk. Total Junk. It was sad to through away something that looks like it should work, but does not work !! So..Keep in mind this. Any engine kit you decide to buy, make sure they offer support and some kind of warranty. Thanks..And..Enjoy the ride...

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