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Your oil ratio is fine at 25:1, i break mine in at 24:1 for 300 miles and now i use 50:1 and my motor seems to like it, but i dont sugest you try 50:1 unless you are for sure the oil your using is capable, i have ran 24:1 and got over 8000 miles out of one motor so i dought you have hut your motor. It is a wise idea to have an inline fuel filter but you might need some new fuel line if yours has hardend. As far as speed goes if you are using a 44th sprocket that comes with a lot of these kits your speed will not get much more than what you got, i use a 36 tooth and im pushing it to get 31 mph out of it, every motor is different as far as the way they run is, some have a higher top speed, some run smooth and some dont, but they all seem to run strong after 300 miles or so you will get a power boost that is quite noticeable, just be patiant and keep riding it. Good Luck
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