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Hey Guys,
I wanted to get couple opinions on a few things on my 80cc motor.
I just wanted to know if I could have ruined my motor,
by changing the oil ratio to quickly? I looked up some
Instructions online and they said after the first gallon of gas,
change the oil and gas ratio to 25:1. And that's what I did
before I read on ebay from the buyer I bought it from,
adjust the ratio after the first 300 miles.
I think I've gone about 120 miles so far. So, Should I switch back to 16:1
or just leave it as 25:1? And I forgot to put on the gas filter so should I put that
on and the cord is hard as a rock. Should I get a different one? Sorry for all the
Questions. Right now I get about 25mph on flat. I hope it will get up to 45mph.
And I only weigh about 110 pounds so I guess that should help the top speed too.
By the way here's the link to where I bought it from. Link is at the bottom.
I also spray painted the engine black.Could that have done any thing to it?
Thanks Guys and I hope that you can help me out!


Link: UPGRADED 80CC BICYCLE MOTOR ENGINE KIT MOTORIZED BIKE:eBay Motors (item 150383698621 end time Nov-25-09 11:23:05 PST)
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