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Default Re: hows that bike build off going ?

Originally Posted by diceman2004 View Post
in respect to the build-off thread rules , i made sure i didn,t comment in that thread .

i see there are still a few contenders in this bout . theres some nice work goin on there .
also seems there are a few drop outs . or secret suprise unveilings , i don,t know .

i,m just curious as to who is still in and who is out . or am i out to lunch and did i miss the finnally of the challenge . the last post i seen was from 2 days ago ( 20th nov ) so i assume its still on .

to those still in and building , i like what ive seen so far and i can,t wait to see the finished pictures .
I think Britton Bees is back to playing his 'top secret' games... I don't think we'll see anything from him until Jan 1st for his 'grand unveiling'!!

I don't feel like anyone else is playing games, but I wish they would post more! It seems like John & I are the only ones who care about showing everyone what we're doing. (Jim is struggling to keep his shop open, so he has a pass...)

I've never tried building anything like this before (chopping up a frame this much with a 'in frame' gas tank), so I'm just trying to stay motivated, & keep posting pics.
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