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Default Re: Roadmaster Luxury Liner

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
600 bucks isn't so bad, i mean, look at how much Felt charges, and they use 14g. spokes. the main thing you gotta think about, is for 6 bills, plus motor, you're into it for 700, 750 apiece. then you gotta think, "who's gonna buy these?"

you said you bought one, put a motor on it and see what kinda response you get. if you could find enough people interested, it might be a nice profit.

or, keep the one for yourself, buy another, and put it on ebay without a motor. see if anyone bites...

another thing, what about the rest of the parts? is it a shimano coaster brake or a no-name china? is the chrome good? check out what the parts cost at Niagara Cycles or bikepartsusa and add them up. i mean, it's still looks waaay cooler than a cranbrook. but it is 6 times the price...
I hear ya bairdco,
Good looking out on the input.
Basically, I was just looking to flip a few for a small profit to some of my motorized bicycle enthusiasts friends / customers. I was trying to see if this bike sparked a bunch of chatter or not in this thread. So far looks to be just me and you. I thought this find would be a bigger deal. I will motorize it and see what it brings. The electric D battery powered horn kills me. Double springer front shock is very unique as well.
I will get a closer look at the components in the morning.
Until then bairdco.


Have a good one.
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