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Default The Old Test Bike

The bike in the picture is an older American made Sears Free Spirit mountain bike I bought for $30.oo about 5 years ago solely because it had and still has a Worksman saddle to pad my big ol' butt. I'm told the old man who first bought the bike rode it only 1 time before locking it in his basement. I've put something like 5000 miles on this frame testing various builds.

At various times this frame has had rack mounted engines, in frame engines and an electric hub motor as I experiment with various set-ups. The front wheel is a new in the box never used 26" Schwinn that came with my Schwinn Trike when I removed the hub motor from this bike and installed it on the trike. I guess I'll sell the trike and the front wheel assembly will be replaced with one of the Sturmy Archer drum brake generators I have in stock in hopes I can keep a battery charged. I plan to change the front end out with a springer I also have taking up space in my office.

The 20" rear tire is a Michelin from an old moped and is DOT rated.

I mounted the EZM to the frame without modification to the frame or the kit. I used a wide pedal crank but could have probably gotten by without it.

I thought I had the world's first production EZM Automatic sold yesterday but when my customer showed up he changed his mind and bought the manual version. If it doesn't sell before I get it done I'll use the automatic on my EZ Glide.

The exhaust pipe and muffler are not EZM products and while they look good from a distance, up close they're not much to look at. I'm thinking I might start offering some complete high performance exhaust systems at some point in the future as I learn more about our products. This may well be the last build for this frame but I've still lots of ideas I plan to try on it.

That's a Yamaha YZ 80 I plan to snag the front end off of for yet another build and those are some of my chickens in front. Usually my rabbit is with them but this time he didn't come out to play.

I'm still battling with posting photos to the forum. When I figure it out I'll post bigger photos. And yes, I do attempt too many projects at the same time.

-RecycleBill, Greensboro, North Carolina's EZM dealer
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