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Default Re: Howdy From Texas

The moped, well I was shooting for inexpensive in the 150cc range. Found some GREAT deals, but fortunately, we got the run around from the first place, found out that the second place had an F rating with the BBB and the third place, the dealer ordered the wrong moped and expected me to take it because it was "red". Yes, I wanted red, but come anyway, I decided to do some more reading and found out that for the most part, people have been very unhappy with any China Made moped. After reading horror story after horror story I am GLAD we didn't end up with one of those things. I had decided to just ride my bicycle everywhere I need to go...and that is a laugh because I'm old and in terrible shape. My Silverado (truck, of course) gets very poor gas mileage and I feel like throwing up every time I have to fill up. Then I stumbled upon motorized bicycles! It is a match made in heaven to me. I can get much needed exercise since I sit at a desk all day long, but I will have the motor to keep me from going into heart failure. This time, I'm going to do my homework BEFORE I place any orders. My bike is a street cruiser I guess you'd call it. Multiple speeds, 12- I think. And I'd like to get the frame mounted motor. I do have the triangle shaped frame so it should fit very nicely there. I have a husband that I keep around to do stuff like, you know, mounting motors on my bicycle. He can handle it. (I hope)

Could I maybe post a photo of my bike and get everyone's opinion on whether it is worthy of being motorized? I think it is, but I am such a newbie. I am just a little concerned because it has those quick release wheels.

Thanks for the welcome and I am going to read around. Any advice is appreciated. Sorry for the novel...I AM a writer. LOL.

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