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Default Re: Question for jackshaft guys?

Originally Posted by MrLarkins View Post
I got a kit this past summer. my chain keeps jumping off and I don't have the time currently to tinker with it. I can't seem to keep the setup from shifting angles when I ride it. I haven't ridden my bike for 5 months. I also lost a locking 'key' for a gear on one of the jackshafts and haven't figured out how to replace it. i have had moments where i wished i would have spent the money on other things...but once i get it running again, i'll probably change my mind again. i will say that sickbikeparts has awesome customer service. they've been very eager to help with all my problems...but i just haven't had the time i need lately to get it and keep it going.

one more note, i'm a small guy and i find it VERY hard to start it with the jackshaft
Sounds like something is not aligned correctly. Our instructions need to be followed explicitly on alignment issues. The key is simply 3/16" key material, available at most any hardware store. I can relate to the time issue. I wish I had time just to ride my bike.

As for starting, is your engine just difficult to start? Do you have a high compression head? Did you read our "how to" on starting?
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