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Default Re: Question for jackshaft guys?

Originally Posted by toker_ace View Post
I am so on the fence about ordering a jackshaft from . My questions are .... How much trouble is it to keep rear gears adjusted? Is it a constant tinkering to keep adjusted correctly. I have always had no luck with bicycle gears. Is it worth the price of two motors? LOL! Also, will it allow me to do some slow off roading? Hard to start? Will regular (wal mart) sprockets work or am I going to need to upgrade everything? See...... I got some questions. Thanks
Once your rear gears are dialed in, then you should not have to adjust them any more than if you use your gears for pedal power only. If you have a 20 year old bike and you never have adjusted the derailleur, then probably it's time to adjust the derailleur. Pretty easy, really. No constant tinkering.

The shift kit isn't the price of 2 motors. Slow off roading? You will need low gear ratios, but I do it all the time.

If your engine is always hard to start, then it will remain hard to start. It's different, but if it's hard to start then something is not correct.

Not sure what a "regular (wal mart) sprocket" is. Don't use cheap, soft stuff. Some people do use some low cost bikes. But some low cost bikes even have terrible axles.

Hope this helps.

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