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Default Re: Question for jackshaft guys?

I got a kit this past summer. my chain keeps jumping off and I don't have the time currently to tinker with it. I can't seem to keep the setup from shifting angles when I ride it. I haven't ridden my bike for 5 months. I also lost a locking 'key' for a gear on one of the jackshafts and haven't figured out how to replace it. i have had moments where i wished i would have spent the money on other things...but once i get it running again, i'll probably change my mind again. i will say that sickbikeparts has awesome customer service. they've been very eager to help with all my problems...but i just haven't had the time i need lately to get it and keep it going.

one more note, i'm a small guy and i find it VERY hard to start it with the jackshaft

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