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Default Re: Hand grip removal- What's your method?

This is what I do. I have a spray bottle with 99 percent water and 1 percent dish soap. I spray a long skinny flat tip screw driver and then wedge it under the grip to be removed as far in as I can gt it. Then.. The space made by the screw driver being wedged in, I will take my spray bottle and spray into the space created . I then pull the screw driver out, and simply twist the grip off. To replace the grip, simply spray up inside the grip and the bars and slide on. Once the water dries, grip will be secure as a rock !! Also.. If you have an under sized grip, simply place it into water and microwave it in the water for a minute or 2. Once hot, take it to your bike, spray everything and work it on. Works Great and no compressed air needed. Also..Once it drys, it will stick like glue !! Enjoy the ride....
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