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Default Re: Hand grip removal- What's your method?

Originally Posted by Humsuckler View Post
2001... is old school in my book (im 22 i been riding since then) lift a bike from back then... they are tanks. no triple whips on those babies...

since this thread is so neatly sidetracked, id call the hairspray trick a derivitave from motocross days. THEY used it on the throttle.

i ride a 2000 someting older federal division pro frame with hollowbites and a freecoaster. whoot.

its almost time for end of winter, 10 foot high, snow wedge riding!

right now im rocking out a set of flow cranks and an original odesy hazard cassete. but im trading my flow cranks to my cuz for his twombolts. and i kinda miss my coaster, i miss doing fakie hops higher than i can bunny hop forward
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