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Default Falcon CFE-10 Hub

A few weeks ago we bought a pair of Schwinn legacy beach cruisers to motorize. Target...$119.00.

We assembled one of them and rode through one tank of fuel. I put it on the bench to check things over, and noticed that the rear wheel bearings were a bit loose. The bearings were greased and the pre-load set, initially. Adjusted the bearings again...everything seemed O.K.

Part way through the second tank of fuel, and the rear wheel is loose again!!! I pulled it completely apart this time and found that the rear hub had split at the bearing race!

No curb Dukes of Evil Knievel stunts...just easy break-in riding.

We went to the LBS and bought a new Shimano CB-110E hub, ($25.00), and re-laced the wheel. I put the other bike on the bench upside down and removed the front wheel so that I could use the forks as a truing stand. Yes I know the dial indicator is over-kill but it makes truing a breeze. It took about an hour and a half to disassemble the old wheel and re-lace the rim and spokes to the new hub. We saved $45.00, so it was worth it. btw...the CB-110 has a far superior brake.

I think from now on I will swap out the hubs on any of the cheap beach cruisers I buy. $25.00 and a little time is nothing compared to the aggravation of a failed wheel.

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